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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose Winslow Ford?

Winslow Ford has been around since 1972 and since then has gained a very experienced team who will help every person to choose their perfect car which satisfies their needs and wants.

  • Why should I buy a car from Winslow Ford?

Here at Winslow Ford, we provide a wide selection of new and used vehicles at an affordable price! We have been dealing with vehicles for over 40 years and provide high quality services and sales all under one roof. Look at what customers said on our Google reviews!

  • What do I need to know about having my car serviced at Winslow Ford?

Here at Winslow Ford, we pride ourselves in offering high quality service with Ford trained technicians using genuine parts and specialist tools so you can be assured that your vehicle is receiving the best attention whilst booked in with us. Winslow Ford have specialised diagnostic equipment to identify any faults you are experiencing with your vehicle; we will always quote for any remedial work that may be required.

  • What do I need to know about MOTs at Winslow Ford?

Winslow Ford is an approved VOSA MOT testing station with trained MOT testers which meet all the required standards. Currently, we offer at £45.00 MOT testing.

  • Are the documents all in order?

When going to buy a new car, you should always make sure to check the cars V5C registration document, the MOT certificate, and the service history of the car to make sure they match the cars details.

  • What is the cars mileage?

You can check the cars mileage by looking at the cars age and appearance and checking for any signs of tampering too. However, you are also able to check the mileage by searching up the cars MOT history.

  • Any signs of accident damage?

You should inspect the cars paintwork, bodywork and alignment for any inconsistencies or repairs that may indicate previous damages.

  • Are the tyres in good condition?

You should check the tyre tread depth, pressure, and wear for any signs of damage. Tyres that are worn or uninflated can cause many issues with the car such as the cars performance, safety hazards and fuel economy.

  • Is all the safety equipment intact?

You should always check the seatbelts, airbags, brakes, lights and other safety features for any faults or defects. You may also ask for a test drive to see how well the car handles and responds.

  • How does the engine sound?

When buying a new car, it is important to listen out for any abnormal noises or vibrations coming from the engine and check the exhaust emissions for any excessive or noxious smoke. This could indicate any issues to do with the engine or emission system.

  • Any issues with the clutch?

You should test the clutch pedal for any stiffness, slipping, or juddering. A faulty clutch can affect the cars performance and transmission.

  • How much is the car worth?

You should research the market value of the car based on the make, model, year, condition and milage. There are various online tools and guides to help compare prices to get an estimate.

  • How much is the insurance?

You will need to get a quote for the car insurance based on your personal details, driving history and coverage needs. Insurance costs can vary depending on the cars age, value, engine size, security features and risk factors.

  • How much is the road tax?

You should check the cars CO2 emissions rating to see how much road tax you will have to pay. Road tax is based on bands that reflect how much pollution the car produces.

  • How fuel-efficient is the car?

You should check the cars official fuel consumption figures to see how many miles per gallon (mpg) it can achieve. Fuel efficiency can depend on factors such as driving style, road conditions and maintenance.

  • Is the car suitable for my needs?

When buying a car, you should consider your lifestyle, budget, and preferences. Think about how often you drive, how many passengers you carry, how much space you would like and what features you want.

  • Is the car still under warranty?

You should ask if the car has any remaining manufactures warranty or if it comes with any dealer’s warranty. Warranty can cover some or all the repair costs if something goes wrong with the car within a certain period or milage.

  • Can I see the service records?

You can ask for proof of regular servicing and maintenance of the car. Service records can show how well the car has been looked after and if there are any recurring issues or repairs.

  • Can I take it for a test drive?

You should always evaluate drive a car before buying it. Test driving can help you assess the cars condition, performance, comfort, and suitability for all your needs.

  • Can I have an independent inspection?

You should consider getting a professional mechanic or an AA/RAC inspector to check the car for any hidden faults or problems. An independent inspection can give you peace of mind and help you negotiate a fair price.

  • Are there any outstanding finance or loans on the car?

You should check if the car has any outstanding loans or debts attached to it. If you buy a car with outstanding finance or loans, you could be liable for paying them off or losing the car.

  • Are there any recalls or complaints about this model?

You should research if there are any known issues or defects with the make and model of car. You can check online databases or forums to see if there are any recalls or complaints from other owners.

  • What are the pros and cons of this car?

You should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this car compared to other similar cars in the market. You can look at factors such as reliability, safety, performance, features, and value for money.

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